i am in for a serious relationship yes

Fredahills: i am in for a serious relationship...
求める: 男性 年齢 35 〜 90
状態: 36 シングル まっすぐ 女性
への関心: 結婚
人種: 白/白人
生活: 自分でライブ
高さ: 5'7 インチ
体: 平均
髪/目: 褐色, ブラック
煙: 時折煙
ドリンク: 決して触らないでください
運動 時々
政治: なし
教育: 高校
宗教: イスラム教
所得: $15,000未満
職業: Working
子孫: 子供2名
人: 冒険
国: United States
友人のEメール: あなたの名前:

i am in for a serious relationship yes

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35 to 70 What is the cause of sadness It is inability to love and shareAnd what is the cause of happiness You should go through come steps to find it But you know that the answer is always in one word it is love We cannot find it alone We need a second half Everyone deserves to be in love and to be loved I want to be loved and share this feeling with my only one my sweetest man in the whole world my future husband I want to take care about him so much What more can I wish for I want to meet my soulmate my only one And I will be the most caring and charming wife for my man yes


splendid and very memorable yes


I am a nice and affectionate woman who wishes to meet her destiny I am a caring and devoted person I want to create a family My friends say that I am a very caring girl I am always near to protect my closest people and I always stand their rights It is my faithful nature I like being with people and I try to live for the day I have many goals and I make them all come true sooner or later I am also extraordinary I like discos because I do not like being passive and sit at home I like spending time with my friends going out together or watching movies at home I want to live a full life so I do all my best for being myself every moment And now I feel the miss of something and it is my beloved A man who will protect me and be my second half yes

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